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BAUM 20 VFM 8-Page Versatile Finishing Module Features:

  • 3 Cartridge Slitter Shaft Assemblies
  • Performs Both Timed Perfing and Slitting
  • Performs High Quality Scoring
  • Superior Sheet Control and Alignment
  • Handles Light and Heavy Weight Stock with Ease
  • Does Not Curl Heavy Weight Stock



The 2nd station BAUM 20 VFM is available with a scoring module, and a cross-carrier to register the job from the first section.  This allows the operator to score, slit, or perforate at 90 degrees, without reloading.

This solution for Versatile Finishing can be tailored for specific applications.  The VFM 8-Page 2nd Station accommodates a variety of tooling and enables multiple lines of scoring, perforating, and/or slitting in a single pass.

BAUM 20 VFM Versatile Finishing Modules adapt to both BAUM and other manufacturer’s products.

Baum 20 VFM 8-Pg Versatile Finishing Module

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