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  • 5-drilling head capacity
  • Stationary table
  • Positive gear driven heads
  • Hydraulic operation
  • Head alignment without use of tools
  • Exclusive medical forms drilling capability
  • Safety interlock guards
  • Drill bit installation and removal without use of tools


The BAUM D3 HD 3-Head Stationary Drill can be easily adjusted; no tools are needed for positioning the heads. Set-up time is greatly reduced since the heads can be moved into position simply by loosening a locking knob by hand, placing the head where needed, and re-tightening. Drill bits can also be removed and reinserted without tools.We build for safety. The safety interlock feature protects the operator by disabling all motors when the guard is lifted. The spindle motor remains inoperative until the guard is lowered. If the safety motor overload breakers interrupt the operation of either the spindle or the hydraulic motors, there is no need to open the electrical box to push a reset switch. They will automatically reset themselves. An overload indicator light is provided on the front of the control panel.

BAUM D3 HD 3-Head Stationary Drill

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