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BAUM HVF Time Feeder/Loader Features:


Baumfolder offers a unique solution to increase the feeding capability as compared to the traditional bottom fed feeders using the Baumfolder HVLF Feeder. Sensors are located in the hopper that keep a selected amount of product in the hopper until the entire load of product is fed from the horizontal transfer area. Easy, continuous loading of product is performed on a long belted transfer table that insures non-stop production. Additional loading capacity can be added by adding the optional Baumfolder extension tables for an additional six to ten feet of loading capacity.

The Baumfolder HVLF feeder can feed a wide variety of products that are thick to thin and in variable select shapes. Some examples are feeding flat cardboard boxes, cardboard shapes, catalogs for insertion for ecommerce order fulfillment, and more!




Longer run times between loadings.
Continuous, non-stop operation.
Ability to load and feed heavier, bulky, products with continuous feeding.
Combine multiple Baumfolder HVLF feeders and program to feed into a lug conveyor or flow wrapper.
Program to feed onto a conveyor for an auto bagging or carton closing line.

Baum HVF Timed Feeder/Loader

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