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BigRed V Series dryers are high performance machines offered in 30" and 54" belt widths, each with 3 or 4 heaters per chamber. 54" models with 4 heaters can cure over 950 shirts/hr* printed with plastisol ink, 475/hr* printed with water-based ink, and 112/hr* printed with digital white ink!
(See chart below for capacities of other models.)
All BigRed dryers feature digital temperature control, air cooled skin with filtered intake, separate make up air system, powered negative air exhaust, and cooling tray at exit. 

450 - 900+ plastisol shirts/hr*
175 - 400+ water based shirts/hr*

Unique cooling bed at exit, cools as garments exit the chamber.

BigRed V Series 30" & 54"

  • 262-675-0855

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