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Bosch Doboy Stratus Horizontal Flow Wrapper
16' conveyor available ($1,800.00) shown in photos
  • Production output rate: up to 150 packages per minute, product dependent
  • End seal type: heated crimp
  • Web specifications:
    • Maximum film width: 18 1/2 inches
    • Maximum diameter: 16 inches
  • Core diameter 3 inches
  • Frame type: painted mild steel

This horizontal machine offers fast and precise product changeover capabilities. Quality package seals and appearance are easily achieved with heated finwheels. The stratus is excellent for packaging products using flexible polypropylene. Multiple product setups can be stored, which simplifies machine setup for less experience operators. Plus programmable product setups provide precise changeover of package length, speed, end seal dwell, and timing of product and film to the sealing crimpers.  Installation and start-up takes approx 2 hours. Wraps up to 75 packages per minute

Bosch Doboy Stratus Horizontal Flow Wrapper

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