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Combining the technology and bodies of our Accucreaser and Accunumber Machines into one great space saving machine with monster features.

Touch Screen, Affordable, Suction Controlled Bottom Air Feeder with Register Guide Automatic Creasing, Numbering, Perforating, and Scoring Machine. Has the Ability to Micro-Perf, Rotary Score, and Crease up to 12 times per sheet and number up to 24 times per sheet. Available with one or two numbering heads. Pneumatic Heads Standard. (Air compressor not included)


Standard Machine Includes One (1) each: 
• Crease Bar with 2 different size grooves for thick and thin stocks, 
• Pneumatic Numbering Head with 7 digits and 3 drop zeros and 4 repeats,
• Perforating Assembly Complete


  • Other Features include:

    • Automatic setups with the touch of a button.
    • Accurate Rotary Actuated Impact Creasing
    • Linear Perf/Score capabilities, including micro and laser perf.
    • Micro-Lateral adjustable Feed Rails
    • Batch and Total Counters
    • Automated Distance Recognition
    • Ability to add Inline Folder 
    • Ability to add Inline transport to the Countcoat UV Coater
    • Comes with both standard and wide crease dies.
    • Simple programming allows you to number, perforate, or crease individually.
    • Gothic (7) wheel reverse numbering heads offer many repeat sequences: 0,1,2,3,6 and 3 drop zeros. 
    • Sheet Counter
    • Automatic bottom feed suction with register guide.
    • Each numbering head can be programmed individually for multiple numbering. 
    • Numbers virtually anywhere on a sheet, from lead edge and numbers within .01" of previous number.
    • Number single sheets or crash number up to a 10 part carbonless form.
    • Patented self inking disposable ink cartridges: no re-inking required, (approx.) 25,000 impressions per cartridge. Ink available in red or black. 

Count FC114 A Digital Creasing and Numbering Machine

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