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13" wide feed capable to handle most digital print sizes (12" x 18" or 13" x 19").
Manual feed allows for lower price point. Perfect for low run jobs.
Automated Distance Recognition allows auto setups.
Fixed Rail helps to guide the sheet for squareness.
Program and operate 4 different creases: Half, Tri-fold, Z-fold and Letter Folds
Automatic measurement the length of the sheet, calculating the desired crease locations
Operate up to 2,000 sheets per hour with perfect transition
User friendly touchscreen capable to setup custom creases, Automatic Distance Modes, Crease Test, Batch Counter and Total Counter
iCrease PRO Upgrade Features: Automatic Perfect Binding Program, Job Memory, 4 additional pre-set creases and 12 programmable custom crease locations
Low Cost Hand Feed Design for Low to Meduim Run Creasing
Accurate Rotary Actuated Impact Creasing Eliminates Cracking
Comes with both standard and wide crease dies
Custom jobs can be setup in moments and have up to 4 creases

Count iCreasePro+ Digital Creasing Machine

  • 262-675-0855

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