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Prevent toner cracking and unattractive fold lines on documents with the Duplo DC-446 Creaser. A simple and affordable finishing solution no digital printer should do without, the DC-446 creases a wide range of applications at up to 60 sheets per minute. Creasing digitally-printed output prior to folding ensures a clean, professional finish and makes it easier for folding devices to bend with accuracy. The DC-446 applies up to 20 creases in a single pass with great precision and is perfect for creating unique accordion applications and other color documents that require a fold right along the color break. Fully automatic and easy to use, the DC-446 is ideal for finishing short-run offset and digital applications including greeting cards, postcards, brochures, book covers, and more!  


The DC-446 handles a maximum paper width of 330.5mm to accommodate 13" x 19" paper sizes. It also features an 8-belt air suction feed system with changeable air blower area for consistent feeding of difficult stocks and weights.

A number of optional features are also available to maximize its functionality. An air-knife provides additional air to improve feed consistency and reduce static problems while double-feed detectors stop the machine when two or more sheets are fed, thus preventing mis-feeds and paper jams. Slitting and perforating tools can be added to eliminate white borders and create perforated pieces.


For a more versatile solution, the Integrated Folding System - an in-line knife folder - can be added to the unit. With the in-line knife folder, customers can crease and fold applications in one process while eliminating the time and waste required in setting up a separate folding device. 


  • Up to 20 creases in a single pass
  • Processes up to 60 sheets per minute
  • Fully automated set up
  • 3.9" feed capacity
  • 30 memory settings
  • 8-belt air suction feeding system
  • Optional slitting and perforating tools as well as in-line knife folder
  • Optional air knife and double sheet detection sensor
  • No operator experience required

DC-446 Creaser

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