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The DC-516 Pro Multi-Finisher offers high-speed finishing for high production environments. Featuring a 14” high capacity feeder and long conveyor stacker, the DC-516 Pro keeps productivity non-stop.


Automatically cut 24-up business cards on 13” x 19” sheets or 36-up cards on 14” x 20” stock within seconds. The DC-516 Pro comes standard with both cutting and slitting modules and can apply up to 30 cuts per sheet. The slitting module includes 6 tools and up to 10 slits can be applied (additional 4 slits optional). Slitting tools are manually adjusted and cuts are set through the control panel.


Prevent toner cracking by creasing brochures and book covers prior to folding at up to 100 sheets per minute! The DC-516 Pro’s creasing module features a new dual creasing tool that can be switched interchangeably to perform positive and negative patterns. To perform positive and negative creases in one pass, a second creasing module is required. Each module applies up to 20 creases per sheet.



  • 14" feed capacity and long conveyor stacker

  • Cuts high volume 24-up and 36-up business cards

  • Creases up to 100 sheets per minute

  • Applies positive and negative creases with new dual creasing tool

  • Handles paper up to 400 gsm on 14" x 26" sheet sizes

  • Built-in REG mark scanner compensates for image shifts in horizontal direction

  • Standard apply shrinkage control for image shrinking due to high fusing temperatures and moisture content loss


Special Pricing Available! Please call for more details! 262-675-0855

DC-516 Pro Multi-Finisher

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