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  • Collates up to 7,200 sets per hour
  • Standalone model with stacker
  • Sheet counting modes


The DFC-101 is a compact and easy-to-use collator. Equipped with three feed rollers and adjustable paper separators, the DFC-101 provides reliable and consistent feeding of a wide variety of fine quality, uncoated papers up to 128 gsm. Double feed and mis-feed detections help ensure the accuracy of the collated set. Collated sets are delivered to the integrated stacker and can be straight or offset stacked.

New counting modes enable the DFC-101 to be utilized as a sheet counter. The number of processed sheets is displayed on the LCD display. Other features include count up/count down, repeat collation, test feed, paper empty detection, paper jam detection, and stacker full detection.


  • Up to 7,200 sets per hour LTR LEF Straight Stacking
  • Collating modes (normal, interleave, block and alternative)
  • Two sheet counting modes
  • User friendly LCD control panel

DFC-101 Collator

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