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The Formax FD 262 Single-Head Tabber makes quick work of applying tabs to folded mailpieces, and is designed to meet all USPS requirements for mailing and automation discounts. Using “crash tab” technology, the open edge of a mailpiece contacts an adhesive tab and travels through a set of rollers where the tab is tightly folded and sealed, creating a mail-ready piece.

The FD 262 tabs up to 12,000 pieces per hour (8 1/2” tri-folds), and handles media up to 17” wide, up to 5/32” thick. Its advanced design includes an integrated bottom feeder allowing for continuous operation, and a built-in waste take-up spool to reduce down time. The user-friendly controls include a 5-digit resettable LCD counter and a tab sensitivity control to adjust for tab stock density.

Various tab stocks can be used, including translucent, paper, and clear in sizes up to 1 1/2” in diameter. To meet USPS requirements, the mailpiece can be fed through in different directions, to apply tabs in various locations. The optional FD 282-30 3-foot Drop-Stacking Conveyor offers adjustable speed from 0 - 124 fpm, and stacks tabbed pieces in a neat, sequential order for easy removal.
With ever-changing postal regulations, having the dependable, efficient FD 262 Tabbing System can make your mailings compliant with very little effort.


FD 262 Tabber Specifications
Speed: Up to 12,000 pieces per hour (8.5” tri-folds)
Feeder Capacity: Up to 200 tri-folds
Integrated bottom feeder for continuous operation
Media Size: 3” to 18” L
                   5” to 17” W
Media Thickness: Up to 5/32”
Tab Size: 5/8” to 1 1/2”
Tab Materials: Translucent, Paper, Clear
Tab Sensitivity Control: Adjusts for density in tab/wafer seals
Tabs Applied: 1 tab per pass
Tab Roll Capacity: Up to 10,000 tabs
Tab Roll Size: Maximum roll diameter: 9”
                      Core diameter: 3”
Counter: 5-digit LCD, resettable
Duty Cycle: Up to 30 million addresses or 500,000 per month over a 5-year cycle
Dimensions: 25” W x 22” H x 15.5” D
Weight: 40 lbs
Power: 120VAC, 50/60Hz
Options: Drop-Stacking Conveyor Stacker
Made in USA

Formax FD 262 Single-Head Tabber

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