GBC Velobind System 4 Binding System
Serial Number: XK08094P
Product Details:
Binds documents up to 3" thick.
Utilizes Velobind hot-knife technology, ensuring a custom, secure bind every time by shearing off extra binding pin length and heat-sealing the strips
Pressure bar firmly holds sheets for a compressed, professional bind. Automatically raises when binding is complete.
Document thickness selector controls the length of the bind cycle for different size books.
Integrated debind feature lets you add or delete pages effortlessly after the document is bound.
Uses GBC 11 Pin Hot Knife Velobind Binding Supplies
Item Specifications:
Productivity: Documents 1" and under: 8-10 second binding cycle speed; Documents over 1": 10-12 second binding cycle speed
Bind Capacity: Up to 3" or 750 sheets (based on 20 lb. bond)
Min Doc Size: Binds books as small as 8.5"
Max Doc Size: Binds books as large as 14"
Dimensions: 21.5"x13.5"x12.5" LxWxD
Machine Weight: 32 lbs. (14.5 kgs.)
Ratings: 120 Volt/ 60Hz/ 8 Amps
Safety Agency Approval: Designed to meet UL and CSA safety standards

GBC Velobind System 4 Binding System


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