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Includes: - PlateWriter High Definition Inkjet Print Engine - Finishing unit includes baking, gumming & dryer system - Plate Registration -Professional Pin Bar Register - Stand & RIP Workstation for PlateWriter Infuse - Harlequin based Xiton RIP with AM based iScreening


Imaging technology: 10 x 360 Ultra high definition imaging array (3600 dual density nozzles delivering up to 2880dpi) Imaging resolution dpi 1440x1440 or 2800x2800 Imaging size, max. 25.5 x 36 Plate thickness 0.15-0.3 mm (0.006-0.012”) Imaging speed, (Quality dependent) - 15.7 x 20.1” 2.53-5.46min/plate (Quality dependent) - 21.7 x 25.6” 5.10-10.20min/plate (Quality dependent) - 23.8 x 29.3” 6.05-12.10min/plate (Quality dependent) Press run length (press dependent) Impressions 50,000 Screening type - Standard Harlequin AM screening Dimensions L-123.3" W-37.8" H-59” 

Glunz & Jensen Platewriter Infuse

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