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Speed: sheets per hour  30,000*
Paper size: 3 3/8" x 4 3/4" to 12 5/8" x 17 3/4" Inches
Paper weight, pounds: 13lbs to 110lbs
Sheet capacity: 450*
Electrical requirements: 115 V, 60 Hz



Air suction feed system, suitable for coated stocks. Adjusts in seconds for standard and custom folds. Variable speed control. Powered exit conveyor. Bottom-feed, top-loading design for continuous reloading and dependable sheet separation. Polyurethane foam rollers eliminate the need for fold roller pressure settings. Turbine blower fully enclosed for quiet operation. 2 fold plates. Heavy-duty, non-flexing side frames. Needle bearings for high speed production. Mounted on casters. Optional extended delivery system, crossfold for right-angle folding, and slitting, scoring, and perforating attachments. UL and C UL approved.

Dimensions (D x W x H), inches: 22 1/4 x 51 1/4 x 43 1/2 
Shipping weight, pounds: 312 lbs.

MBM 352S Paper Folder

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