Product Description
This Triumph 4205 paper cutter is a manually operated cutter, equipped with German made Solingen steel blades and polyurethane cutting sticks, both of which are easily changeable or adjusted without having to remove any of the machine covers. Adjusting blade depth is also unproblematic, as alterations can be made from outside the cutter. Cutting is efficient with the Triumph 4205, with its lever-activated, fast-action clamp to secure the paper, and large cut lever that takes 1-1/2 inches of paper with minimal effort when making any type of cut. The spindle-guided back gauge has a calibrated hand crank and measuring scale allowing the user to reposition the gauge with ease. With its compact size to be used as a tabletop cutter or with the optional stand, the Triumph 4205 is a light-weight paper cutter, able to be moved and accessed with ease. The Triumph 4205 comes guaranteed with “SCS” (Safety Cutting System) safety features. This Ideal paper cutter is outfitted with two safety covers: a transparent shield located on the front table, which automatically locks before you even begin cutting, and another transparent cover on the rear table. Another vital security feature for the Ideal cutter is the safety notch located on the clamp lever, which locks the blade in the upright position. This Triumph paper cutter, with its quality steel components, ensures safety and reliability every time you make a precise cut.

Product Details
Precision construction makes cutting easy.
Cuts up to 1 1/2" with little effort.
Easy to operate patented fast flick action clamp.
Ultimate safety system with hand guard and blade lock.
All-metal construction.
Spindle guided backgauge with fine adjustment on calibrated crank.
Side guide with inch scale.
Simple blade change and easy adjustment.
Stand options.
The high-grade steel blade can be resharpened repeatedly for precise cutting.

Item Specifications

Dimensions: 32.75" D x 34.75" W x 15.75" H 
Cutting Width: 16.875"
Cutting Capacity: 1.5"
Narrow Cut: 1.312"
Volume Rating: Medium
Operation: Manual
Shipping Weight: 115 lbs.


We can package and palletize. Shipping is available through us, buyer’s responsibility for shipping cost. We are tractor-trailer accessible and we have a fork lift. $50 to palletize & package; includes metal banding and stretch wrap.

MBM Triumph 4205 Paper Cutter


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