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Presstek Dimension Pro2 models are a family of versatile and economical thermal CTP systems designed to meet the needs of small, medium and large commercial and in-plant printers. Whether you are a fast turnaround and short-run printer or printing long runs, and whether you operate a small format press, large format sheetfed or web presses, or a combination of offset presses, there is a Dimension Pro2 system you can depend on for the level of plate production your workload demands.


Preferred Technology Thermal CTP has rapidly become the preferred platesetting technology because of its reliability and simplicity. Dimension Pro2 systems support all of the popular thermal plates on the market today, and are an optimum solution when combined with any of Presstek’s high productivity, high performance thermal plates.


Price/Performance Choices The Dimension Pro2 family includes 4-page and 8-page models. Each model is offered in a range of configurations and as either manual and automatic loading systems. Choose the combination of price, performance, and speed in a system that exactly meets your business needs.


Four Speeds in 4-Page Format Dimension Pro2 M4 (manual loading) and A4 (autoloading) systems offer a maximum plate size of 31.49"× 25.98" and are available in four configurations and speeds:

24 laser channels 16 plates per hour

32 laser channels 22 plates per hour

48 laser channels 28 plates per hour

64 laser channels 34 plates per hour


Three Speeds in 8-Page Format Dimension Pro2 M8 (manual loading) and A8 (autoloading) systems offer a maximum plate size of 44.49"× 36.22" and are available in three configurations and speeds:

32 laser channels 16 plates per hour

48 laser channels 22 plates per hour

64 laser channels 28 plates per hour


Autoloading With manual loading models, the operator manually places a plate, which the system then automatically engages for imaging and discharges when completed. Autoloading models deliver a continuous stream of plates for imaging jobs in cue without operator intervention. Single cassette or multi-cassette autoloading systems are available.


4 Different Models Available 

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Presstek Dimension Pro2 CTP

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