Riso AR9000 Envelope Feeder
S/N: 900000017

The AR9000 Envelope/Card feeder simply rolls up to your RISO Printer-Duplicator and can

be connected and disconnected with virtually no set-up time.

Productivity is built into the AR9000! Simply load the AR9000 and press “print.” The

AR9000’s Envelope/Card Feeder can accommodate up to 500 #10 business envelopes. The

Top-Load, Bottom-Feed System allows you to load more stock continually as you print.

The modular design of RISO Printing Systems allows for maximum versatility and productivity. Use the AR9000 with the Printer-Duplicator for on-demand envelopes and postcards. The

AR9000 will accommodate envelopes and cards ranging in size from 4" x 6" to 10" x 13" and

weights from 20 lb. bond envelopes to 110 lb. index cards.



System Process Roll-up Envelope/Card Feeder designed to enhance the paper feeding

capabilities of the RISO Printer-Duplicator for increased productivity and

versatility. Unit comes with required stand.

Feeding Speeds Up to the print speed of the Printer-Duplicator (RZ990-180 ppm,

MZ790-150 ppm, RZ590-130 ppm)

Stock Size Minimum 4" x 6", maximum 10" x 13"

Stock Weights Minimum: 20 lb. envelopes; maximum: 110 lb index

Registration ±1mm

Feed Capacity Initial envelope capacity: 500 #10 business envelopes

Continuous Top-Load, Bottom-Feed Mechanism

Accessories Optional Conveyor at receiving end

Compatibility Compatible with RZ990, MZ790, & RZ590 only

Electrical 110V/60Hz: 1A


We can palletize this for $100.

Riso AR9000 Envelope Feeder


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