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Rosco 370 Multiple Spindle Drill

Shipping and palletizing available 
S/N 37092155

Product Description

The Rosback Rosco 370 Three Hole Paper Drill can easily drill two inches of paper stock in one simple motion. Reliable and durable, this versatile machine has fixed position drill heads that ensure superior accuracy and make drilling traditional 3-hole patterns as easy as possible. Like the Rosco 371 model, the 370 version features a heavy-duty 3/4-hp motor, high compression bar, fixed 4-1/4" drill spacing, an automatic waste chip ejection system, and a locking back gauge. The vertical adjustment feature allows the use of different drill lengths, to suit a wide range of applications. Ideal for offices, schools, government facilities, commercial printers, and mailrooms, the Rosback Rosco 370 Three Hole Paper Drill is built to last and has a rugged construction.

Product Details

  • 2"stock drilling capacity.
  • 12 drill diameters available, starting from 1/8"and up to 1/2".
  • Comfortable and easy to use lever.
  • Rugged build.
  • Sealed bearings.
  • Locking back gauge for easy margin adjustments.
  • Vertical head adjustment allows the use of different drill lengths.
  • Automatic chip ejection.
  • Heavy-duty 3/4-hp motor with ply-v-belt drive.
  • 3 1/4" paper drills, 3 drill blocks, 1 clean-out pin, 1 drift, 1 drift lever, 1 drill lubricant stick, and 1 tool kit included.
  • Drill stand and table extensions available separately.

Rosco 370 Multiple Spindle Drill

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