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The UJ-500AS Anti-Static Paper Jogger is the perfect companion for press and post-press equipment as it efficiently jogs paper stacks and reduces static electricity on documents prior to loading them into finishing equipment such as collators, folders, and cutters. A unique vibration system and ionized air-assisted blowing effectively reduces static electricity and ink residue while efficiently jogging paper, aligning edges and quickly drying wet ink. 

Jogging strength and air volume are adjustable according to paper quantity and quality. The UJ-500AS features various settings such as air only or jog only, reset timer operation, and a time interval difference mode which continuously jogs stacks for a preset period after the air has stopped. With a small footprint and easily portability, the UJ-500AS is ideal for any print environment.  


  • Unique vibration system for efficient paper jogging, edge aligning and drying
  • Ionized, air-assisted blowing effective for the reduction of static electricity
  • Small footprint for easy portability

Duplo UJ-500AS Paper Jogger

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